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Ekun Power Nuclear issiues

Nuclear issues
Show an increasing understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes and audiences.

Context: Rotary Speech Competition and the New Zealand Elections

Success Criteria: we will have met our learning intentions when we can
  • Plan our speech using Coggle
  • Construct texts that show an awareness of purpose and audience through deliberate choice of content, language, and text form.
  • Convey and sustain personal voice where appropriate.
  • Write and film our own version of a “edTalk” to share with our peers.

Kia ora koutou
Ko Gage toku ingoa.  

Ladies and gentlemen boys girls and others...
I strongly believe that we should not have nuclear power/weapons on our earth. Nuclear power weapons and other things nuclear are wrong to have in the world because of the destruction they cause. We at Ekun Power stand to fight against nuclear power and weapons in new Zealand and around the world. when nuclear weapons and power came into the world everyone has been raging conflict across all the countries. We want keep this from coming to New Zealand. nuclear power and war is a very serious issue in our world and we need to fix this intermediary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Firstly nuclear power and nuclear weapons are basically destroyers of
worlds whenever we use nuclear weapons it whips out any life in the radius of the nuke blast and it’s usually not livable there for a long time because of the radiation. nuclear plants are just as bad think about chernobyl,in chernobyl was a town that had a nuclear plant in it and on the year 1986 that nuclear plant horrify exploded now no one can live there for another 20,000 years.. And all the people who survived and left started to have babies that mutated without any eyes or noses or even arms, because of just one nuclear plant. nuclear energy exterminates our earth and everything that lives on it.
Secondly Nuclear power and weapons cause a lot of other  world issues to like conflict and global warming. Global warming is a big issue around the world is melting the antarctic as we speak and rising up the sea levels. The more antarctica melts the less habitat the native animals have there like the penguins, polar bear, seals and more and part of this issue is caused by nuclear power and weapons. Conflict acts of war this is caused by nuclear weapons. The nuke Is an extremely dangerous weapon. The nuclear bomb is a weapon more effective than any man made weapon in the  world it can crave the lives of billions millions trillions and quad zillions.   
Finally  Albert Einstein said, “I won’t know the outcome of world war III (the nuclear war) but what I do know is that world war IV will be fought with sticks and stones”. this means if threats with nuclear continue world war three will be the end of the world and the next war that happens will be when everything starts over from caveman times
We need to make change know.
(This is another Speech about nuclear weapons that I wrote last year):
Conclusion Here at ekun power we will keep new zealand free for generations to come we will keep the US from bringing in any nuclear weapons. For many years new zealand has been a peace country and we will keep it that way. in conclusion we stand to keep nuclear power and energy out of NZ.
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September 6
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Monday, 18 September 2017

Ekun Power

We have to create a pamphlet for our political party using “Canva”. We need to think about layout, and readability.  We need to include at least two policies, information about our leadership and participants. We need to include our slogan and