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The Reminisce……….    

2033 september the 29th………. Los Angeles  
A group of seven survivors are in a steel cement bunker under the city of Los Angeles, the bunker is 6  by 15 meters wide and it is on the west side of the city, the survivors names are Shay, Mason, Mark, Jack, Woods, Christa and Emily. The sur vivors are some of the very few left in the world. Overall there are only about  500 million people left in the world, what happened you ask? Well. let me take you back to the day it all started

2032 September the 26th…….Mid Autumn, Three Days Ago

      It was the year 2032, the 26 of September, it was the day of the dead or what you might call it judgment day.  President James Palma declared nuclear war on North Korea . The first missile strike sent from North Korea hit Washington D.C. the second hit Vagus killing millions. America send a full attack of 12 nuclear missiles straight to Kim Jong Un's doorstep from then on the entire world went straight to war. Explosion after explosion, there were no allies no friends no nothing, in this war  everyone was shooting everyone.

Three days went by and the entire world was a wasteland. There were only very few survivors and the air was extremely toxic and deadly if exposed to. There is one big nuclear fallout cloud covering the entire sky that rains radiated acid.
Oh and did I mention there is a new disease called radacis that can turn you into a mutant or what I call them reapers. When you catch this disease makes you mad it take control of your body by turning you into a cannibalism
Present day 2032 September The 29th ………. Los Angeles

The seven survivors have just received a radio transmission from the U.S. Navy: “Sierra five five Fox leader to Bravo Whisky Delta calling all survivors! Repeat! Calling all survivors! This is the U.S. military. We are sending a military rescue pursuit up the west. The Bravo point is Los Angeles.  It will take us five days to reach that point. If there are any survivors please respond.”

Day 1
The survivors are running low on resources of water and food which means the have to leave the bunker to salvage what fresh food and water they can they drew straws on who should leave they needed two people to guard the bunker  emily who was nine months pregnant got automatic pass to stay at the bunker once they had finished drawing straws it was christa who got to stay at the bunker with emily. They left at 7:00am.

The survivors were roaming  the streets of Los Angeles or what's left of it. And there was nothing in any warehouse or supermarket and we know why looters looters are people who don't care about anyone else if they even see you they will hunt you down like a bloodhound and feed you to reepers obviously they have taken all of the food to one of their camps.  The sun was setting and this is a bad sign because it meant it was going to be night in a few hours and that's when the reapers come out. There was only little hope for finding food for the survivors  “we need to head back to the bunker or we’ll be dinner scraps for the reapers” said shay that's when they stumbled upon a lotters camp, and what they saw something  they couldn't turn round to it was mountains  of food they had enough to feed a small town for weeks. They had to get there hands on some of it so the came down with two trolleys from an empty warehouse and took as much as the could by this time there was only a glimpse of sun left that's when the realized the needed to start moving. They bolted down the streets of los angeles and kept a tight hand on the food the they reached the bunker. Emily opened the door and they all came in with the food then they decided to wait the rest of the days in the bunker for the military to come.

Day 4
It’s been three days since anyone has left the bunker tomorrow at 12:oopm the military wil be here but there is a problem woods left the bunker two days ago to investigate a strange noise coming from outside the bunker and never came back so mark went looking for him yesterday and he hasn't came back either we all decided to go out and have a look for woods and mark when we left the bunker we saw nothing but a trail of blood going round the back of the bunker we decided to follow it it came down the bank which the bunker under it came round to a river and stopped and there was mark's body lying face down in a ditch. His neck was slit and had chunks of hi ripped out, no doubt this was a reaper's doing. We went to flip hi over so we could bury his body when we flipped him we saw his face and it wasn't him it was someone else wearing his jersey… that's when we heard this noise down the stream it was like the growl didn't sound like are reaper more like a much bigger reaper, just then woods and mark came sprinting from the bushes yelling RUN! RUN! RUN! Get out of here after them ran at least twenty reapers were charging them. Then came this type of mega super titan reaper about three times the size of a normal reaper. We ran and we ran right then this sound rang our ears BOOM! BANG! BANG! it was the military firing multiple rounds at the reapers, by 30 seconds those reapers and that super reaper was nothing but dust. The captain of the pursuit said  we're a small bit early but you're still welcome to come aboard.

When we were all on the military convoy truck we asked woods and mark what happened they said that lotters taken them hostage and took took all of our stuff including marks jersey the they were asking questions like where's your camp is there anyone else with you when the reapers came out and started attacking the lotter camp  luckily they were able to escape just in time. After all that they took us to a military civilian bunker somewhere in the State of Washington  this this bunker was much bigger and could hold 2,000 people but there were only about 900 civilians and about 300 soldiers.

The End

By Gage

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transformation D.L.O

Ekun Power Nuclear issiues

Nuclear issues
Show an increasing understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes and audiences.

Context: Rotary Speech Competition and the New Zealand Elections

Success Criteria: we will have met our learning intentions when we can
  • Plan our speech using Coggle
  • Construct texts that show an awareness of purpose and audience through deliberate choice of content, language, and text form.
  • Convey and sustain personal voice where appropriate.
  • Write and film our own version of a “edTalk” to share with our peers.

Kia ora koutou
Ko Gage toku ingoa.  

Ladies and gentlemen boys girls and others...
I strongly believe that we should not have nuclear power/weapons on our earth. Nuclear power weapons and other things nuclear are wrong to have in the world because of the destruction they cause. We at Ekun Power stand to fight against nuclear power and weapons in new Zealand and around the world. when nuclear weapons and power came into the world everyone has been raging conflict across all the countries. We want keep this from coming to New Zealand. nuclear power and war is a very serious issue in our world and we need to fix this intermediary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Firstly nuclear power and nuclear weapons are basically destroyers of
worlds whenever we use nuclear weapons it whips out any life in the radius of the nuke blast and it’s usually not livable there for a long time because of the radiation. nuclear plants are just as bad think about chernobyl,in chernobyl was a town that had a nuclear plant in it and on the year 1986 that nuclear plant horrify exploded now no one can live there for another 20,000 years.. And all the people who survived and left started to have babies that mutated without any eyes or noses or even arms, because of just one nuclear plant. nuclear energy exterminates our earth and everything that lives on it.
Secondly Nuclear power and weapons cause a lot of other  world issues to like conflict and global warming. Global warming is a big issue around the world is melting the antarctic as we speak and rising up the sea levels. The more antarctica melts the less habitat the native animals have there like the penguins, polar bear, seals and more and part of this issue is caused by nuclear power and weapons. Conflict acts of war this is caused by nuclear weapons. The nuke Is an extremely dangerous weapon. The nuclear bomb is a weapon more effective than any man made weapon in the  world it can crave the lives of billions millions trillions and quad zillions.   
Finally  Albert Einstein said, “I won’t know the outcome of world war III (the nuclear war) but what I do know is that world war IV will be fought with sticks and stones”. this means if threats with nuclear continue world war three will be the end of the world and the next war that happens will be when everything starts over from caveman times
We need to make change know.
(This is another Speech about nuclear weapons that I wrote last year):
Conclusion Here at ekun power we will keep new zealand free for generations to come we will keep the US from bringing in any nuclear weapons. For many years new zealand has been a peace country and we will keep it that way. in conclusion we stand to keep nuclear power and energy out of NZ.
Vote for us
Vote for Change

Think free
Think Clean  
Think Ekun

September 6
By Gage

D.L.O Algebra

The Reminisce……….      2033 september the 29th………. Los Angeles   A group of seven survivors are in a steel cement bunker under th...